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our faves

These are the programs that we use on a daily (or almost daily) basis. We would not recommend something that isn't tried and true by us.

We swear by these, we promise!



This is our go-to, lifeline, main line of support, our actually everything. You can customize just about anything and everything, integrate wayyyy too many platforms, and get more automations than you can think of.

Wix Websites

Wix Websites

We use Wix for our own hosting platform for our site and recommend it for it's great integrations, automations, and metrics that they track!



Create your projects, portfolios, social media graphics, and more in Canva. Great for beginners with little to no design skills!



Anything that isn't integrated through AirTable can be connected with Zapier. It's easy to use and makes automating a breeze!



This online recording studio is an actual dream. We have such busy homes and we do not have to go into a padded room to eliminate any noise to get high quality sound and streaming!



Make SOPs and manuals in a breeze by using Loom as your screen recorder. Cut meetings down by asking or answering questions instead of getting on a call!

Otter AI

Otter AI

Don't get on another meeting and manually take notes again. Otter AI will transcribe, create action items, and make creating meeting minutes a breeze.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace

We save money each month by using our Google Meet app inside our Google Workspace. We utilize just about as much as we can in here - to include docs, keep, and of course the drive for sharing.

what we’re using

Here are some of our FAVORITE products for work in real estate! Check them out and let us know what YOU think!!

(Just so you know, this post may contain affiliate links. Meaning we receive commissions for purchases made through those links, at no cost to you. Please understand that we will always post resources and items that we truly believe in, regardless of our affiliate status)

Sara’s Pick

blue cube timer showing 10 and 1 minute

If there’s one thing about me— I am VERY easily distracted! This little thing is a LIFESAVER for time management!.. and probably the only reason my kids EVER have clean clothes. It works by breaking down tasks into timed intervals followed by a short break. So let’s say you REALLY need to call leads, but you’ve been avoiding it (I see you out there!). Set this on your desk and flip it to whatever sounds manageable— 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. Then do ONLY that task until it goes off! This allows for better focus, improved task completion rates, and increased energy levels. Additionally, using the timer gives you a sense of accomplishment when completing each task. This can be motivating in itself and also help to develop better time management habits. Grab yours here!

Hope you love it!


Lauren’s Pick

cell phone and notebook with pen

Confession time? I’m a huge nerd.

This high-tech notebook is perfect for those who love the feel of pen and paper (I see you, Millenials!) but also have a soft spot for the ease and convenience of technology. With the Rocketbook, you can take notes on the newest platforms for operations, doodle outlines of super cool workflows, and sketch out the perfect client proposal, then easily blast them off to the cloud with a snap of a picture. And the best part? You'll never have to worry about running out of pages or running to the store for a new notebook. So go ahead, embrace your inner nerd, and ENJOY! You can order one here!


Our favorite tear-off day planner…

notepad with tear off pages

Ready to make your days more organized than Marie Kondo's closet? We love the simplicity of this planner. And the fact that you start with a clean slate each day. This daily planner is here to make sure you're living your most productive life - no more scrawled notes on the back of receipts or panicked to-do lists on the grocery list! With this planner, you'll have everything in one handy (and stylish) place, so you can focus on your goals and slay your schedule. Trust us, you'll wonder how you ever functioned without it.

We can’t promise perfection— but you can always tear it off and start fresh tomorrow!

Sip your cold brew in these beauties…

two glass cups with bamboo lids and straws

We’ve been loving the cup trend lately… from hydration to caffeination, we are always on the lookout for a new cup! This is an eco-friendly and adorable way to enjoy your drinks. In real estate, we are always on the go— and these little cups will become your best road trip buddy!

Whether you prefer to sip on smoothies, juices, or just your favorite water, these cups are perfect for any occasion. Treat yourself!

Keep your coffee warm and cozy…

black coffee warmer and plug

We love savoring every sip of our coffee or tea but hate it when it turns cold too quickly! And between clients, our phones ringing, kids running around and the hectic mornings in our homes, it seems impossible to avoid! This coffee warmer keeps our drinks at just the right temp. It’s small and easy to use— and can be repurposed for soup, scented wax, and so much more.

Quit throwing away or chugging that lukewarm coffee and keep it nice and warm until the very last sip.

It’s for the kids…

kids fisher price work from home play set

The My Home Office Playset is PERFECT for those littles who get to watch mom and dad crush it at work and want to be JUST like them. From the laptop and headset to the phone and coffee cup, our kids will be writing consulting proposals, creating marketing content, and giving the dog their Quarterly Review before we know it!

Chronic coffee spiller?

desk with computer, tablet, keyboard, glasses

We are loving the vibe of this neutral desk pad, spacious enough to spread out and organize everything in the workspace. And it doesn’t hurt that there is some built-in protection for when your drink inevitably spills or leaves those icky rings on your desk. Bonus: if you still use a mouse, it glides across this thing like butter.

Get those steps in…

girl walking on folding treadmill

Working from home is a blessing and a curse— sure, I can start the day in my PJs and grab coffee anytime I want, but that 2 pm slump is SO real for me. Having an outlet to keep moving throughout the day has been such a value-add in my work-from-home life.

FAQ I always get:

  • Which one is the best? Well, this little folding guy is super handy with great reviews. It’s sleek and smooth to walk on. Lauren uses this one and Sara uses the CitySport (linked here). This one is more compact/portable but they both have held up really well!

  • Do you actually use it? ABSOLUTELY. For anyone with commitment issues, this is a winner. You don’t have to commit to anything. When I put in the effort to drive to the gym, I know I need to workout for at least 30 min to make it worth it, but with this— anything is more than you would have gotten otherwise!

  • Can you work while walking? There was a bit of a learning curve for walking/typing simultaneously, but after a minute, you get the hang of it. It’s great for trainings/meetings where you will be mostly listening and taking in info.

So much room for activities

large desk with white legs

For use with a walking treadmill, this is the desk Sara has and uses daily. There are different size and color options, but she’s a HUGE fan of the 55” surface, especially when multitasking, setting up Netflix to run in the background while she works, or organizing all 4 drinks that she’s working on (coffee, water, diet coke, and some variation of Alani or Propel—anyone else??). Anyway, a huge desk that has a motor that moves it up and down is absolutely not a requirement to be successful. But it sure makes work easier and more fun.

What we’re reading

Here are some of our FAVORITE books for operations, leadership, and overall personal growth! Check them out and keep your eye out for a mastermind where we can discuss them together!

(Just so you know, this post may contain affiliate links. Meaning we receive commissions for purchases made through those links, at no cost to you. Please understand that we will always post resources and items that we truly believe in, regardless of our affiliate status)

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