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4 Things We Wish We Had On Our Real Estate Team

team of computers with snacks and drinks all on a table

The telephone game. Jenga. Building blocks. Tag, you’re it.

We’ve all played these before, mostly as kids, on the playground. But what would happen if your work environment felt like a continuous day of recess? Sounds great, right? Sure, until you’re left standing there thinking it’s your turn-- but everyone’s already moved on to another game.

If you’ve been in the real estate industry long enough, you know that not all teams are created equal. There’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of all of them. From disorganized operations to misaligned goals, we’ve seen it all and, frankly, we’ve been there too. We used to be part of a team that was always playing catch-up, always building the airplane when it was already in flight. Looking back, there are so many things we wish we had in place. And now, we’re on a mission to make sure every real estate team has the right set-up from the beginning.

First up--Clear Communication Channels

In professional settings, the game of telephone can be the *actual* worst. The lack of a unified communication system that your gal pals at SKLD dealt with in our previous work environment lead to many misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and all around general chaos. It was frustrating, exhausting, and honestly, unnecessary.

Streamlined Processes

Without a solid workflow, even the most talented team can be affected. Having to come up with quick fixes without putting a full process into place was draining and counterproductive. You know that feeling that Jenga gives when you have to pull that middle piece, you know… the one that’s holding *literally everything* together? That’s basically how it felt trying to build workflows and proper processes when the growth was too quick for the rest of the team to catch up.

Role Clarification and Accountability

Tag, you’re it. No, you’re it. No, I’m it. Who the freaking heck is it? When you don’t have clearly defined roles and responsibilities, you get overlaps in some areas and gaps in others. Things we now do: implement a RACI chart for every project, task list, all of it. Excessive? Maybe. Clear? Absolutely. This also brings in accountability, since those responsibilities jumped from one person to another without any real follow-through. Like an endless game of tag, no one wanted to be “it” because honestly, no one knew what “it” was.

SWOT Analysis

When you’re building with blocks, they need to be stacked thoughtfully in order to create a strong, stable structure that can withstand even the toughest markets. Your strongest blocks (Strengths) go on the bottom to build a solid foundation. Acknowledge your weak spots (Weaknesses) and work to either improve them or offset them with your strengths. Actively reaching to the top to stack up more blocks (Opportunities), adding height to your tower of success. Those blocks that are loose, making everything a little unstable (Threats)? Remove those before they make your tower wobble and fall. Well, at least this is how our kids play with their blocks, of course. Maybe some real estate teams could learn a tip or two from them, versus operating on a “let’s figure it out as we go” kind of mentality.

Our Mission at SKLD Consulting

At SKLD Consulting, we don't just wish for a better setup; we create it. Our comprehensive packages are designed to provide real estate teams with the tools, workflows, and strategies that are essential for success. From customized operations hubs to CEO databases, we've got you covered. With our help, you can transform your team from a disorganized bunch into a high-performing unit.

We offer service packages tailored to fit the unique needs of your real estate team. Whether you're just starting or looking to revamp your operations, we have something for you.

Our solutions are not theoretical; they're born out of hard lessons and years of experience. You're not just getting advice; you're getting tried-and-true strategies that work.

Nobody should have to go through the disarray and inefficiency that we experienced. That's why SKLD Consulting is committed to setting up every real estate team for success, whether that’s right from the start or well on your way. If you've nodded along while reading this, then we're the solution you've been waiting for.

Let's create a team that stops playing games on the playground and starts winning in the real estate market.

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