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Ted Lasso & Real Estate

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"You know what the happiest animal on Earth is? It’s a goldfish. Ya know why? It’s got a ten-second memory.” —Ted Lasso

If your house is anything like ours, we’ve spent hours in the world of Richmond, falling in love with Ted, Rebecca, Roy and the whole crew. We have laughed until our tummies ached and even shed a few tears. The show, with its endearing characters and uplifting storyline, offers valuable lessons that extend beyond the soccer field. With the show wrapping up, we wanted to see how we could help the legacy of Coach Lasso live on. Unsurprisingly, the parallels between the world of real estate and the world of Ted Lasso have striking similarities. Both require optimism, resilience, and teamwork to achieve success.

For a while, it drove me crazy how much of an eternal optimist Ted Lasso was on the show. He was someone who believes in the power of positivity and, despite facing challenges in his personal and professional life, he maintains an unwavering belief in himself and his team. Similarly, real estate professionals often encounter obstacles, whether it's a competitive market, demanding clients, or unexpected setbacks. It’s demanding and can feel physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. By adopting Ted Lasso's optimistic outlook, agents can maintain their motivation and inspire confidence in their clients. Embracing a positive mindset can also help professionals navigate difficult situations and find creative solutions.

Ted Lasso and the real estate industry share another common trait: resilience. Ted faces an uphill battle as he takes charge of AFC Richmond, a soccer team struggling in more than a few aspects. He endures setbacks, criticism, and personal challenges but he still shows up each day, with a fresh perspective. In real estate, we face a similar journey. Deals fall through, negotiations may become difficult, and the market can be downright unpredictable. However, just as Ted bounces back from defeat, successful real estate agents learn to adapt, persevere, and remain resilient in the face of adversity. It is this resilience that allows them to overcome obstacles and ultimately thrive in their careers and with their impact.

One of the most endearing traits of so many characters on the show is their awkward comedic timing (looking at you, Roy Kent). The show thrives on its ability to create awkward and funny situations that keep viewers laughing throughout each episode. Real estate, too, presents its fair share of amusing moments. Picture an agent trying to showcase a property with an unusual layout or an open house where unexpected visitors accidentally stumble upon the wrong event. The joy of real estate lies in the unpredictability of these situations, which often provide laughter and memorable stories for those involved.

At the end of the day, Ted Lasso is a tv show, and real estate is the career that so many of us are committing so much of ourselves to. But Ted Lasso is more than just a delightful TV show; it offers insights and lessons applicable beyond the soccer field and straight into our industry. The qualities of optimism, resilience, teamwork, and emotional intelligence demonstrated by Ted Lasso can be directly applied to the world of real estate. By remembering these qualities, we are more equipped navigate challenges, build strong relationships, and ultimately achieve success in their careers.

So, let's take a page from Ted Lasso's playbook and infuse the world of real estate with the same unwavering positivity, unwavering belief, and infectious enthusiasm.

How can you inject positivity into someone’s day today?

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