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The Importance of Collaboration between Real Estate Sales and Operations Teams

“Why does the Sales Team act so impulsively?”

“If the Ops Team gives us ONE more form to fill out, I’m gonna lose it!”

If you work in real estate, you’re likely in one of two seemingly opposite buckets — sales and operations. Do you remember Charlotte’s Web? Literary classic written by E.B. White? Charlotte and Wilbur were unlikely allies — different in every aspect. (SPOILER ALERT) But with a shared mission and a unique set of skills for each, they were able to execute and accomplish their goal — saving Wilbur’s life. Charlotte worked behind the scenes, at night, building elaborate messages into webs. And Wilbur built relationships with the fans and supporters who came to see them.

Operations and Sales Teams are a lot like that. While both are necessary to any business’ success, it can be difficult to ensure that they are collaborating effectively. Real estate sales and operations teams have different jobs — they serve different purposes — and often have different communication and execution styles, but their collaboration is critical to the success of the business. Together, these teams work to meet the demands of clients, manage properties and transactions, market the business, and close deals. Dynamic collaboration between them can increase the efficiency of services and achieve better results.

The Role of Sales and Operations Teams in Real Estate

Sales teams are typically the “Front Line,” the visible rockstars responsible for generating our favorite item of business…revenue. Operations teams handle the systems, workflows, and processes that make their work possible. Each team has its own unique set of responsibilities, but they both have a role to play in closing sales and fostering client applause and loyalty.

Effective collaboration between the sales and operations teams is essential as it ensures both teams understand each other’s work and support their shared goals — closing the deal and offering prestige level client care.

Statistics and Trends

Studies reveal that real estate firms with more integrated management systems and strategic collaboration strategies are the most successful. In a recent survey of real estate firms, 85% of respondents said that establishing a cohesive sales and operations team was a top priority, with over 90 % believing that this collaboration directly contributed to their success in the field.

“I don’t understand it, and I don’t like what I don’t understand.” — Phyllis Arable, "Charlotte's Web"

Common Issues When Teams Fail to Collaborate

Challenges arise when real estate sales and operations teams do not communicate effectively. For instance, a sales team can make promises to clients that systems aren’t yet established to deliver, leading to client frustration and a decrease in returning business. It can also be incredibly frustrating when the operations team slows down the sales process, making it seem more difficult to close deals.

Benefits of Collaboration

When both teams work collaboratively, the benefits are numerous. Sales and operations teams can streamline data collection processes, improve responses to customer inquiries, and agree on consistent guidelines for task assignment.

Key Tips to Enhance Collaboration

To perform well, real estate sales and operations teams must operate at maximum capacity. Here are some actionable tips that can improve collaboration and reduce friction between teams:

  • Encourage and PRACTICE open communication between the operations and sales teams

  • Establish joint targets and KPIs — and make sure everyone understands them

  • Create shared work procedures or SOPs and store them somewhere convenient and accessible

  • Clarify job roles and responsibilities and store them somewhere convenient and accessible

  • Organize regular meetings with agendas and norms to discuss best practices and potential issues.

In conclusion, the success of any real estate operation depends on the collaboration between sales and operations teams, with effective collaboration establishing a solid foundation for shared success. By following the tips provided above, real estate companies can facilitate seamless collaboration between teams and grow their business regularly.

If you would like to learn more about how to implement these processes for your team, reach out to

As someone who has weaved between the two — as a TC, Agent, then Team Leadership — I can attest to the friction that often exists between the two. And that’s where the idea for SKLD Consulting was born. Launched in May of 2023, SKLD is the brainchild of myself and business partner, Lauren Duke. Our experience in the world of real estate showed us a lot of the operational and communication gaps that exist for so many teams, solo agents, and brokerages.

Written by: Sara Kruse

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